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  • Ukraine
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  • Baltic States

Accommodation & Transport


For those who come to Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belarus, The Baltic States and are not familiar with local driving conditions, does not know the roads, topographic challenges, we offer a car (according to your wishes) with a driver. You will be met at the airport and will be accompanied during your entire stay in the country.

Experienced drivers and their knowledge will ensure the safety of your journey. Grant the care of you to the reliable and experienced professional.

If you plan to arrive with a large group, we are ready to provide you with comfortable buses with a capacity of 12 to 55 people.

In any case, you will receive the highest quality service and our staff will do everything possible to ensure that the trip would be enjoyable and memorable for you.


Are you planning to visit Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belarus, The Baltic States but do not yet know where to stay? We are always at your disposal and ready to help you make the right choice!

We can offer you any options for accommodation, and each of them has its own advantages. We have a huge database, as well as a high level of service and you don't have to apply to the dozens of agencies with a search for suitable housing.

If you are coming to Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belarus, The Baltic States and the hotel is what you need, we will find a hotel according to your wishes. The big advantage of hotels is that they offer a wide range of services (depending on the class and level of the hotel), as well as partially or completely solve the food issue.

A great opportunity to save money (up to 50% in comparison to the hotel) - rent an apartment. The most expensive and luxurious apartments are located in the downtown area. If you are OK with an apartment in a suburban of the city, then you can save much of money.

Regardless of which option would be most appropriate for you, we will provide all necessary information about the place where you decide to stay .


  • Nitzahon Travels are the best – Haya

    Nitzahon Travels are the best – Haya

    We set out to find the distant past in Ukraine. The help we received from this agency was above and beyond, the moment we began to think until the moment we finished the journey. There are no words to say about the exemplary organization and the experience of the journey.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

  • Roots trip with Nitzahon Travels – Amnon

    Roots trip with Nitzahon Travels – Amnon

    Recently, my brother and I returned from a trip to our roots in Ukraine. The journey included Czernowitz, Vizhnitz, Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanyslawiw), Kolomyya and Lviv (Lwow). The peak of the journey was in the town of Yablonov, where my father was born and lived until the age of twenty. We chose the Travel Company of Nitzahon Travels according to the recommendations on the internet and we were not sorry. Everything we asked for was received in the best way possible.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

  • Roots journey in the Western Ukraine – Barukh

    Roots journey in the Western Ukraine – Barukh

    We embarked on a journey into the past, followed by the mother of the family, Sonia. A group of 17 people, all of us members of one family, and yet - different ages, different goals and needs, and different expectations from this journey. The story is too short to describe the powerful experience, the journey was teaching and fascinating, and also enabled a unique family encounter.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

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  • Moldova:+373 79 779 776
  • Israel:+972 543 117 517 Andriy
  • UK:+44 788 507 678 – Elena

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