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  • Baltic States

The Family Roots Tour

Organized according to your wishes and personally for you

Just two or three generations ago our ancestors breathed the air of another country. We give you the chance to see the place where they were born and grew up, our parents and grandparents, walk along the paths through which they wandered, to visit those courtyards, where they were playing, look at the houses in which they lived.

You can walk in the footsteps of the fathers, to remember the momentous date for you and your family, visit the communities, synagogues, which are related to your ancestors, and the place where they are buried.

Give your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren the opportunity to get acquainted with your past.

We will be happy to build the route are best suited to you and your family at your request:

  • Visits to towns and villages of your origin.
  • Houses, in which your ancestors lived.
  • School, where they studied and fall in love for the first time
  • Search the graves of your ancestors.
  • Visit the graves of the righteous in Uman, Medzhibizh, Vizhnytsia.
  • Places of culture and nature.
  • Personal driver and local guide carry you to your route, built by your story.

We will arrange for you personally tour of Moldova and Ukraine with visiting Jewish historical, cultural and religious sites. You can relax and have a good time traveling to the most beautiful places of Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Baltic countries. At your request, we will arrange for you a real national meal with house wine in a village house in a peasant family, or in the national restaurant, while you can see folk performances, and even take part in it.

Also, the program may include:

  • treatment and rest in the local health centers;
  • visiting the world-famous wine cellars (Cricova, Cojusna, Milestii Mici), which are the real underground city, where you can taste a variety of wines;
  • familiarity with local sights, ancient cities, and monasteries;
  • visits to museums, national theaters, restaurants with local air, night clubs, etc...


Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by a personal driver in a comfortable car and local guide, as well as a permanent attendant who will communicate in your language.

If you send us your request and suggestions, even before your arrival, we will develop and prepare the itinerary according to your requirements, and what is left to you is to enjoy an amazing journey.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us or call us at the phone number convenient to you and we will contact you within 24 hours.

* Routes can be made for people of any age.

* Suitable also for families that keep the Sabbath.

* You can order kosher/vegetarian food .


  • Nitzahon Travels are the best – Haya

    Nitzahon Travels are the best – Haya

    We set out to find the distant past in Ukraine. The help we received from this agency was above and beyond, the moment we began to think until the moment we finished the journey. There are no words to say about the exemplary organization and the experience of the journey.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

  • Roots trip with Nitzahon Travels – Amnon

    Roots trip with Nitzahon Travels – Amnon

    Recently, my brother and I returned from a trip to our roots in Ukraine. The journey included Czernowitz, Vizhnitz, Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanyslawiw), Kolomyya and Lviv (Lwow). The peak of the journey was in the town of Yablonov, where my father was born and lived until the age of twenty. We chose the Travel Company of Nitzahon Travels according to the recommendations on the internet and we were not sorry. Everything we asked for was received in the best way possible.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

  • Roots journey in the Western Ukraine – Barukh

    Roots journey in the Western Ukraine – Barukh

    We embarked on a journey into the past, followed by the mother of the family, Sonia. A group of 17 people, all of us members of one family, and yet - different ages, different goals and needs, and different expectations from this journey. The story is too short to describe the powerful experience, the journey was teaching and fascinating, and also enabled a unique family encounter.

    Read the feedback (on Hebrew)

Contact info

  • Moldova:+373 79 779 776
  • Israel:+972 543 117 517 Andriy
  • UK:+44 788 507 678 – Elena

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